Winter 2016 set to be the worst on record

Coldest winter on record

Over the past few years we have seen a drop in the amount of snow we have had during the winter months in the UK, but this is set to change.

With the recent cold snap Britain has been enduring you may have seen the gritters out in full force and had to scrape your windscreens in the morning. It has been forecast that we will have a North-South divide on the weather this year, with the majority of the snow down towards the south of the country, with Scotland seeing a rather mild winter.

The cold snap that is sending temperatures down to a frosty -8, has prompted health officials to warn that sub zero conditions can be very dangerous and is urging people to look out for elderly relatives and neighbours during the winter.

Dr Angie Bone, from the extreme weather team @ Public Health England has said: “Cold does kill, even in places where the temperatures aren’t at their lowest.

“Now is the time to prepare for the cold weather forecast by the Met Office, and to think of those you know who are older, very young, or have pre-existing health conditions who are particularly vulnerable.”

It seem this year councils are well stocked on salt and grit as the Local Government Association’s (LGA) annual winter readiness survey shows 90% of councils are well prepared for plummeting temperatures and have a substantial stock of grit.

About 50% of all councils are at the limit of storage capacity, and the LGA said gritters will be out treating thousands of miles of roads whenever overnight temperatures drop below zero in the coming days.

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