Will your Rail Fare go up in 2017


Average ticket prices for Southeastern trains are set to rise by just under 2% next year even though they already have some of the highest prices across the UK.

This above inflation price rise means more financial stress for commuters on the country’s largest network.

This means commuters may face an extra £100 on Southeastern’s season tickets that already cost an staggering £5,000.

South eastern trains

The company has said the increase will be on average 1.8% but on some services they could reach nearly 3%. This may be eye watering for London Commuters.

A Southeastern spokesman said: “The overall average fare rise for Southeastern next year is 1.8 per cent, which is below the national average of 2.3 per cent.

“It is also slightly under the national rise set by the government’s for regulated fares of 1.9 per cent – which is for season tickets and peak time fares.

“We understand that value for money is a priority for our passengers and that’s why we are offering discounts and freezing prices on specific off peak fares, which are the ones under our control.”

“For example, our online advance fares, which are already our cheapest tickets, are being frozen at January 2016 prices.”