Thane Wonder Core : Review


For people who want to hit perfection on abdominal muscles in their very own home I would 100% recommend this amazing and very effective item. The Thane Wonder Core is a revolutionary 6 in 1 fitness product to target your whole core.

I have been using this item for only three months now and within one month I could already see the difference. I go to my local gym 5 times a week but I never train abdominal muscles there as they have no machines that give me a great workout feeling like the Thane Wonder Core. I use the Thane core workout at home for 20 min a day doing all the different types of workouts that is has to offer. i feel that using this product 20 min a day is more than enough to get a good workout and it is easy to have a quick session on it even on a busy day.

I paid £79.98 for my Thane wonder core on amazon and it was money well spent.


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