Sheerness Airport will cause 5,000 houses to be knocked down


We all heard about the plans of ‘Boris Island’ being scraped, but new plans have emerged for an airport to be built on top of Eastchurch spanning all the way down to Laysdown.

With the rapid growth in the south-east of England the mayor of Kent has released plans that show over 5,000 houses being knocked down, to make way for Sheerness International Airport.

Locals have been out all day, protesting about the new proposed plans. Unfortunately, the police had to be called after one resident tied himself to the roundabout at the bottom of Eastchurch village at 11 am, causing all protests to come to a halt.

It’s understood that locals will be given 3 months notice within the next few days to make arrangements for there houses, but those who leave it to late will be housed within the prison.