Oil Bath Spa Allows You To Soak In Raw Crude Oil

Oil Bath Spa

Forget your aroma scented candles and hot rock massages, this spa has a Crude Oil Bath for you to wash away your aches and pains.

Some say its slimier to laying in a chocolate fountain, we say its just crazy.

The spa uses a unique grade of oil found in the Naftalan region of Azernaijan and locals say sitting in this liquid added years to one’s life.

This special oil can cure over 80 diseases from skin conditions to body balance and is a great way to relax.

Normally when you visit the spa they will heat up one barrel of oil up to about 40 degrees Celsius. Spa customers are allowed to stay submerged in the bath for only 10 minutes due to the affects it can have on your heart rate.

If you are wondering how much this treatment will set you back, you will be surprised to hear that 10 sessions in the bath will only cost £120. The current price for a barrel of crude oil is around £90.