NHS hospitals made £120 million from car parking charges last year


NHS hospitals are making more money than ever before from car park charges, an investigation has found the NHS are
charging staff, patients and visitors for parking at hospitals across England to collect more than £120 million last year.

Over 120 NHS trusts have been asked to give figures on parking charges and fines under the Freedom of Information Act, with only 89 NHS trusts providing responses.

In total, the NHS trusts netted £120,662,650 in 2015/16 in car park charges, up from £114,873,867 the year before, it was found.

Some 27 trusts provided data on parking fines, showing they made £2,300,208 in fines over a four year period.
In 2015/16 alone, £635,387 was made from fining patients, visitors and staff on hospital grounds.

The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust came out top when it came to parking income, making £4,841,108 across the year.
This included £3,465,357 from patients and visitors and £1,375,751 from staff. Almost £40,000 was collected by the trust in car park fines.

More than half of trusts who responded to the FOI request are making more than £1 million in car park fees every year, with some also handing money to private firms.

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