Meteor Heading For Chatham, Kent Could Cause Panic


    Everyday space junk, meteors and all sorts of matter collide with earth without anyone worrying. Most of these objects get burnt up as they come through the earth atmosphere, however, a meteor named BS420 is set to hit a small town in Kent next Tuesday.

    There is no cause for alarm just yet, but Monday could see Chatham evacuated in preparation for the meteor strike on Tuesday around 8:30 pm. In the event of this, all TV’s and radios in the affected area will change to a local distress system and will advise locals on what to do.

    It’s thought that the meteor contains a large amount of gold. Officials are concerned by the high number of thieves and rapists that live in Chatham and are worried that they may be tempted to stay behind to loot the meteor for its valuable metals.

    We interviewed one local known as ‘Billy The Quid’, he said: “No alien rock is going to make me leave, I’m not after the gold, I just want a quid… do you have a quid.”

    There is an upside to all this doom though, we visited some of the surrounding towns and they seem very happy with the news, Pete Greenfield said: “My house price will double once that poverty struck hell hole is flattened. What good has ever come out of Chatham”.
    You have been advised to check back for further updates about the evacuation.