Kent Countryside Spoilt by Fly Tippers


A quite spot overlooking the stunning cliffs in Kent has been turned into an eyesore by fly tippers illegally dumping everything from old toys to broken furniture.

Residents have become furious over the condition of the land outside a pub in Herne Bay. Its even been given the local nick name of ‘Greenhill Free Tip’.

Resident are asking for CCTV to be installed due to the amount of rubbish getting out of hand.

fly tippers

The resident who did not want to be named have said: ‘This is an ongoing issue, the council cleared this site some weeks ago and it is now worse than ever.’

He added: ‘I fail to see why they cannot put up battery powered CCTV miniature cameras powered by battery.
‘They are a good source of detection and work day and night, cheap to install, no maintenance, batteries last a month, cost approximately £100 per camera.

‘Usually used as bird watching cameras or watching wildlife, they would be ideal to cover a site such as shown on the picture.’

Canterbury City Council have said it is investigating the issue and blamed complications with land ownership for its delay in action.

The local authority said: ‘As can be seen when passing the site, this land is currently in an unacceptable condition.

‘We appreciate that it appears that no action is taking place to address this, but the situation with the land and ownership is very complicated and behind the scenes we have been working hard with various parties to try and resolve it.’

Residents have been advised to call in if they see anyone dumping rubbish.

The spokesman added: ‘Investigations are continuing and legal action has already been taken but we cannot make any further comment or provide any specific details on this at the present time.

‘We would, however, welcome the support of the public in providing any help they can with this issue.

‘If you see anyone, or any vehicles, on or near the site, no matter how insignificant it seems, please let us know by contacting our Community Safety Unit on 01227 862000.

‘Residents should be reassured that we are doing all we can to resolve this difficult and complex matter.’