New Year Resolution | Give up Smoking for 2017


Giving up smoking can be very hard at times, but you can make 2017 the year you stop.

Vaping has been gaining in popularity over the years, with cheaper kits hitting the market all the time its making smokers start to switch over to vaping.

There are currently over 9 million smokers in the UK but that number has been dropping each year since the market was flooded with easy to use vaping products. Its now been made cool to quit.

How much will vaping cost me

Compared to smoking, vaping is surprisingly cheap. There is an initial outlay of about £14.99-£44.99 to get a starter kit, but after this you’ll just need to buy liquid and replacement parts when you need them.

A person who smokes 20 a day will spend around £50 a week on cigarettes (based on an average £7 a pack). An average ‘vaper’ will spend around £5 a week. That’s a saving of over £2,000 a year! Even if you are a person who likes to roll your own cigarettes, you’ll still be saving a small fortune.

Even if you spent twice as much on vaping supplies, you’d still be spending a small fraction of the cost of smoking.

Salcar® Vaping CE4 Vape Pen

Lets start off small, this kit comes with 2 pen style vaping devices and 5 bottles of liquid. A great device to help quit the smokes fast and still have that mouth-to-lung hit like you do with a normal cigarette.


At the other end of the price range you will find so called “Mod Boxes”. These provide a lot of vapour cloud and will be a massive step up from the pen style devices, however these style are direct to lung hits, and differ slightly from normal cigarettes.

You will also need to buy 2 16890 batteries, these look like AA’s but are a lot more powerful.

Kamry K1000 ePipe

Maybe a pipe is more your style, this style of vape is also gaining in social popularity and are similar to the pen style devices. This hit comes with a tank and 2 batteries, just add some liquid and you are ready to go.