EU ‘Vaping Crackdown’ for 2017 | New Laws

Vape Laws

New regulations on vaping could come into effect as early as January 2017 under a EU new crack down.

Today new EU Tobacco laws were have been written to restrict the supply, manufacture and promotion of anything tobacco or nicotine related, but all of these products have helped millions of people quite smoking.

Some are calling this a ‘Vapers Tax’, but the new laws are not clear if they are aimed at adding tax to such products. Last year Public Health England backed vaping to be a good way to quit smoking and even though about putting E-cigs on a prescription.

Whats going to change?

The main change is going to be aimed at the size of the bottles allowed to be sold of ‘Vape Juice’. A maximum size of 10ml per bottle will be put in place along with a max nicotine strength of 20mg/ml.

This will post difficulties for for people just starting to quit smoking as they mainly look for 24mg/ml juices and this will also cause issues for users of ‘sub ohm’ vapes as they mainly use 30ml or more bottles.

The ammount of fluid in tanks are also set to change and you will only be allowed to buy 2ml tanks, this is a massive drop from the average of 10ml.

The restrictions on promoting such products are also set to change and come in to line with that of alcohol.

What do you think?

Do you think this may push vaping to an underground society where people will sell juice on the black market?

Do you think these new regulations are good and will help the public?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I think this is totale shit there are ppl trying to stop smoking and then the eu has to come alomg and mess evreythink up and thay wonder why we dont want to be in the eu i mean some on vapeing have been proven to be 95% less harm full than smoking so what is rong with it i am a vaper my self and if thay try to stop me buying 30ml pluss bottles i will fined a nother way to get it and im shore im not on my own woth that tho

  2. i think its disgusting that bureaucrats have got hold of this they have lost so much money through people stopping smoking that now they are as usual tax the fuck out of it this will only send it underground and put people in more danger of getting doggy fluids then get a reason to ban it all together i really do feel sorry for the companies that have worked so hard to develop the e cig and all the parts that go with it to find themselves out of business because of the new rules i have taught myself how to make a good juice and have bought lots of big tanks and loads of nicotine so they can piss off and leave me alone for the next five year bloody arsholes

  3. I believe these new laws will impact the health of millions of people, people won’t be able to afford to vape, as tanks will only be 2ml and aren’t allowed to be refillable, so I’m assuming that it’ll be 2ml prefilled tanks that can cost £10-20 each time you run out of liquid, they’ll be more or less forced back onto cigarettes just to get the nicotine their body’s are craving, it’s no good for the consumer, no good for small vaping businesses and will end up costing millions of people their health that they’ve worked so hard to regain.

  4. All this serves to do is cripple the new vapers. The established vapers have already found work arounds and this doesn’t target any of the vaping devices I use. It’s a shame that all this serves to do is put more money in the pocket of the big tobacco/pharmaceutical companies who can afford to release TPD compliant liquid and devices and push more people trying to give up away from vaping as an affordable effective means of giving up. Sad times.