EastEnders’ ‘Fat Hev’ actress Cheryl Fergison pays tribute to George Michael


EASTENDERS actor Cheryl Fergison has paid an emotional tribute to the tragic death of George Michael last night.

For four years she played TV’s biggest super fan of George Michael, with one episode of Eastenders even seeing her try to break in to his house for a glimpse of him.


Last night Cheryl tweeted a photo of her and George together, writing: “Oh no not George ! don’t believe it so saddened by this news ..we were mutual fans of each other’s work he was a huge talent RIP George.”

On the Christmas Eve episode of the BBC soap, fans were treated to a surprise cameo from Cheryl, 51, who returned to the show more than four years after being killed off by Ben Mitchel.

Dot Cotton found a festive mixtape made for her by the larger than life cheese-lover and her best friend, boozer Shirley Carter – and the first song was Wham’s Last Christmas.

Speaking from beyond the grave, viewers heard Heather introduce the track, after explaining that the reason the launderette legend wasn’t getting a present was as she and Shirl had “spent all their cash on woo woos.”

She said: “We can’t have Christmas without a bit of George can we? So let’s start with Wham’s last Christmas from 1984.”

The festive favourite then kicked in, bringing a smile to Dot’s face as she threw away all the fish paste sandwiches she had prepared for her disastrous retirement party.