Cyclists should ‘pay road tax and hold insurance’ to ride on British roads

cyclists in central London.

An Online Petition aimed at getting the attention of our Prime Minister Theresa May, Showed most people think cyclists should have to pay for road tax and hold a valid insurance policy to ride on the roads in the UK.

Over 22,000 People signed the petition online calling for Cyclists to pay tax and insurance.


There are many comments regarding the online petition, with people talking about how “Road Tax” does not exist.

Martin Golder from Chorley posted: “I am signing because I want to see this fail miserably. The creator of this petition has no clue about how the system works at all.

“Road Tax does not exist! Nobody pays Road Tax. You pay an amount based on the emissions of your vehicle, so, go ahead and push you hilarious petition, as if it ‘succeeded’, cyclists would still be allowed to ride on the roads and also have to pay £0 in imaginary ‘road tax’. Bravo.”