Choosing The Best Real Christmas Tree

Best Christmas Trees

We have all been there, wondering around the garden centre trying to find the best shape Christmas tree for the festive period when we all have that feeling in the back of our minds “Will this drop its needles”.

We have put together a guide to choosing the best Christmas tree this year.


Some prefer stumpy fat trees while others like long skinny trees. Most people prefer the traditional plump fat tree. Shops know this so they will charge a premium for these  kind of trees. So make sure you shop around.


When trees are cut from the filed and delivered to the shops, they prone a lot of stress. Dropping of needles is normal and most shops will give the trees a good shake to remove these loose needles. Lost of needles on the ground can be a sign of an old tree, but this is not always the case.

A better way to test freshness is to remove a needle from the tree and bend in it half. If the needle snaps you should be good to go and it shows a sign of freshness. A needle bends more than snaps shows the tree has been cut a long time ago. We would advise to avoid this tree.

Once your tree is home

Cut about 2-3cm of the base of the tree and keep the tree up right, not leaning up the wall of your house or fence as this will cause it to miss shape. Place the tree it to a stand and fill with water. Its best to leave the tree in the garage or shed for a few days to get used to things and this will protect it from a chill.

When in the house

Try not to position your tree in direct sun light or near a radiator as this will cause the tree to drop its needles. When decorating be careful not to stress the needles.

Products that will help

Christmas Tree Saver

A good way to protect the needles it to use some Christmas Tree Saver spray, This will seal the needles and protect it from the heat of your house.

Low Heat LED Lights

These low heat lights will stop to much heat getting to the tree and allow your tree to last past the big day.

Scentsicles Spruce Scent Sticks

Trees don’t always produce that smell of Christmas, but these scent sticks will make sure your home smells lovely whilst your tree is up.

Krinner Comfort M christmas tree stand

Every year we always struggle under the tree trying to do up each side evenly to it stands straight, this one leaver Christmas tree stand will make it a breeze.