Call the police immediately if you see this hook in a public toilet. Here’s why


There have been several reports of public toilets in and around the London area being spiked with these suspicious hooks.

These hooks may look innocent, but they have a micro camera installed into it and periodically take a photos.

These hooks which resemble coat hangers were placed in cubicles and other areas where women would undress. So far three hooks with cameras in three different locations have been found by the public.

Warnings have been placed in the local areas where they have been found warning the public to call the police if they find these devices.

Local resident Julie Kemp said “I am repulsed by the idea that someone would want to install these, it’s disgusting how even someone would want to have a hook inside a bathroom. This is the last thing any one using a public toilet wants to be concerned with”.

It is important to stay aware and vigilant of your surroundings. If something looks suspicious or is placed where it should not be, especially in a restroom, be wary and contact the police.

One giveaway that something such as a hook in a bathroom is not legitimate is its placement. If you see a hook in the bathroom, it might not be at eye level, it might be a little lower. Something that just doesn’t look right, just call the police and they will take care of it.

Be sure your friends and family know this can happen to them.

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