Call an Ambulance IMMEDIATELY if you see this | Top 5 Deadly Skin Conditions


Skin can be a strange thing but if you ever see any of these conditions then get to the Hospital asap.

1. Tungiasis

This skin disease can be caused by certain kinds of fleas. They burrow into your skin and then lay eggs. When you have tungiasis, you may experience burning, itching, and pain around the location where the fleas have buried. It is not uncommon for ulcers, lesions, and blisters to appear. This disorder is dangerous when it goes untreated, at which point it can lead to many things, such as the loss of toenails, the toes themselves, gangrene, infections, and tetanus, just to name a few.

2. Pediculosis

This is another disorder caused by bugs – body lice, in this case. It occurs when the body lice infest your skin. They generally stick close to areas with a lot of body hair. In addition to causing discolouration or even the thickening of your skin, pediculosis can cause infections and open body sores if it is not treated.

3. Shingles

Typically, shingles is one of those skin disorders you associate with children and childhood, but adults can get it too. It can be dangerous because it is almost a sickness. You can tell by the symptoms, which include feeling pain, sometimes stabbing and sometimes severe, in and on your skin. You may have a fever and headache and it can feel like your nerve endings are tingling. A rash can develop, comprised of small red dots, scabs, and blisters.

4. Lichen Planus

This is a disorder which can affect the mucus membranes in your body and your skin. Typically, it comes with a raised, shiny, and itchy rash. The bumps vary between purple and pink in colour, but they tend to be quite small. Scaly patches of skin are not uncommon either. The rash may extend to the inside of your mouth, along with ulcers and spots, blue in colour, along your tongue and the insides of your cheeks.

5. Pemphigus Vulgaris

This is one of many skin disorders which comes in the form of a rash. It tends to occur in adults over the age of forty but can occur in children as well. Also known as PV, it manifests with irregularly shaped blisters and lesions which begin forming in the mouth. If not properly treated, these blisters can break open, which allows them to become seriously infected. These infections can actually end in death.