Best Memory Sticks 2016


With our ever growing use of digital technology we will always need to expand our pocket storage. We have selected the best USB memory sticks on the market for you to drool over.

The following USB memory sticks have been selected for there best performance and best value for money and amazing technology.

HyperX DataTraveler HyperX Predator – 1tb

HyperX DataTraveler HyperX Predator

Now this one maybe a touch on the expensive side but lets get this beast out the way.

Now this amazing device packs a huge 1TB of storage, that’s 1000GB, in a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Built of solid aluminium this memory stick will last for ever.

An amazing investment for any technology addict.

Go To Shop – £544.99

Corsair CMFSS3B-64GB Flash Survivor Stealth 200 m 64


If you are the out door kind of person then this memory stick is perfect. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminium this memory stick is nearly indestructible.

Not only is it strong but will also survive up to 200M of water.

Go To Shop – £27.96

Eaget V90 2 in1 Dual Android Drive Memory Stick


This tiny little device will fit in both a computer and a Android phone. On one end you will find a normal sized USB connector and the other a Micro USB connector.

Perfect for sending files on the go.

Go To Shop – £11.49

Ouonline Cube Shape USB Flash Drive


A great novelty item that will get loads of use. This cool little USB memory stick is designed around a row from a rubix cube.

Go To Shop – £7.99